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The ILL (Interlibrary Loan) and DD (Document Delivery) service is provided exclusively with university and public or private research institution libraries included in the National Collective Archive of Journals (ACNP), which operate on the basis of free mutual exchange. Requests must be submitted preferably through the ILL NILDE service for registered libraries or, alternatively, by email specifying the ACNP library code.

The copies of documents, in paper format or in a digital format, are supplied for the purposes of study and research and only for personal use. The applicant shall keep only a hard copy and remove from his/her digital archive any digital copy received.

The libraries of CIHEAM Bari Pole are not liable in case of failure to comply with the rules on copyright (Law No. 633 of 22/04/4, as subsequently amended and supplemented).

The ILL-DD service shall be suspended in the second and third weeks of August, during the Christmas and Easter holiday periods and on national holidays.

ILL-DD requests must be sent by e-mail to the following addresses.

Giuseppe Inchingolo
+39 080 4606269

Wanda Occhialini
+39 080 4606266